Ketul Saharan, M.Sc.

EMBO SEG Fellow (Sept. 2022-December 2022)

Ketul Saharan has done his masters in botany from Kurukshetra university Kurukshetra, India. He is pursuing Ph.D. under the guidance of Dr. Dileep Vasudevan at Institute of life sciences, Bhubaneswar India. His research interest lies in understanding the structural and functional aspects of chromatin associated proteins. Ketul joined us as an EMBO Scientific exchange grant fellow in September 2022 to perform the cryo-EM structural studies on nucleoplasmin - histone oligomer complexes.

Shavonne Chan Yingmin

FYP student (2021)

Shavonne is a final year undergraduate student at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her current research topic is to investigate the molecular properties of membrane scaffolding proteins (MSPs) which are essential to reconstitute membrane proteins in lipidic nanodisc.