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Basak Lab is always looking for individuals who are keen to go out of their comfort zone and learn new stuff. Please submit your inquiries here. You can also upload your CV here.

Graduate Students

Interested students who want to join our lab to pursue Ph.D. should apply through NTU scholarship program. To know more please click here.

We also actively look for students who want to do internships in our lab. Send us your message here

Lab News

January 2023 - Mr Tan Jia Wei Joined our lab as a Final Year Project (FYP) student

September 2022 - Mr. Ketul Sharan  joined our lab as a EMBO SEG Fellow.

August 2022 - Mr. Harsh Dutta  joined our lab as a PhD student.

May 2022 - Dr. Basak re-appointed as Nanynag Assistant Professor.

May 2022 - Dr. Basak received prestigious NRF fellowship (2022-2027). S$ 2,819,817.00

May 2022 - Ms. Shavonne Chan Yingmin successfully defended her poster

Jan 2022 - Ms. Shavonne Chan Yingmin Joined our lab as a Final Year Project (FYP) student

Dec 2021 - Dr. Nikhil Bharambe joined our lab as a Senior Research Fellow

Sep 2021 - Our lab received MOE AcRF Tier 1 grant (2021-2023). Lead PI. S$100,000.00

Aug 2021 - Our first Ph.D. student Mr. Zhuowen Li joined the lab

July 2021 - Dr. Manikkoth Balakrishna Asha joined our lab as a Research Fellow

March 2021 - Basak Lab officially established